About Us

In this day and age of commercialization and quick-fading fads, it is refreshing to see that some institutions not only remain but also remain true to what they stand for.

For almost 40 years, Dayrit’s Burger and Roastbeef Restaurants have been known for their heart-warming, home cooked meals based on family recipes that have been passed on from generation to generation.

Flashback: Dayrit’s Burger and Roastbeef House is the brainchild of Wilfredo “Freddie” Dayrit Sr., a casino owner in the 60s. But after President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law, the casino had to be closed. Wilfredo, a native of food-loving Pampanga (a province an hour’s drive north of Manila), diverted his attention to cooking and started making tapa (dried marinated beef) and chorizos (seasoned sausages) to give away to friends and neighbors. The reception for the processed meats was so good that this gave Freddie an idea for a restaurant. And thus Dayrit’s was born.

The first Dayrit’s was in a hole in the wall establishment along Taft Avenue near De La Salle University. Other branches that followed were in Buendia Ave., Shoppesville in Greenhills, Laong Laan near UST, Alabang, Timog and Katipunan Avenue. These eventually closed down due to building owners not renewing or closed down due to the locations’ lack of improvement.

At present if you want to enjoy a fine meal at Dayrit’s you will have to visit their deli-type branches in BF Homes Sucat or Magallanes for the meantime.

True to its roots, the restaurant also carries a frozen meat section that includes their wonderful Chorizo Macao and Bacon-wrapped meatloaf.

Filipinos are a naturally nostalgic bunch and Dayrit’s knows the value that memories carry, as Cynthia points out, “Nostalgia is very important to the Pinoy diner. Eating is a very big part of the Filipino culture. We make it a point to maintain the quality and the consistency of our food to be able to serve our customers with the same home cooked goodness that Dayrit’s is known for. The Dayrit’s burger experience you can have now would be the same experience you had in the Dayrit’s you used to go to back in the day.”